Cangro, a proudly South African, educational innovation that encourages everyone to say ICAN as they learn how to grow food… UPSIDE DOWN!
Through the use of recycled material we hope to inspire a nation of forward thinkers and future entrepreneurs who can confidently contribute to a sustainable future.
Our 3 month activation provides participants with the knowledge, skills and capability to successfully nurture and care for their very own upside-down tomato plant, while simultaneously teaching them to appreciate and care for themselves and their environment.
What makes the Cangro process so appealing is that the information is delivered in a unique, tangible and impactful way. This eye-catching innovation has proved popular not only with the children… teachers, parents, staff members and communities alike, have all delighted in this unconventional approach and its subsequent results.
Being able to grow food translates to more than just food security… Confidence and self-esteem blossom, resulting in improved performance in schools, as well as the workplace.
The Cangro project is “ALL AGES”... It transcends language, cultural and economic barriers and provides an extremely cost effective and highly marketable platform from which to engage with your staff and your community.

Over the past few weeks we have seen first-hand the incredible power of the Cangro project, not only in terms of its impact on local school children but on the local community. N1 City Mall has also gained incredible exposure via its association and involvement with the project.” -Natalie Dippenaar, Marketing Manager N1 City Mall

Together we can create a shared vision for our future, one that promotes growth, prosperity, and a better life for all!