Client Outsurance
Date of completion October 2013
  • The Gardening Project at JAL – Jesus Allen Liefdesdiens, Hebron House aims to address the basic need for food security and health. Cangro was approached by Outsurance and asked help plant a vegetable garden at Hebron House. Together with Reel Gardening, we visited the garden in October 2013 to advise as to where the garden should be prepared and how it should be prepared. This was followed by an implementation and training visit where the staff of Outsurance, Cangro and JAL Hebron House planted out the garden and training regarding the maintenance and care of the garden was conducted. As there was clayey soil at the house, river sand and compost were added to every bed to ensure that the seeds would grow well. Each bed was prepared and then planted under the direction of Reel Gardening. After all the sections of the house were planted, the group sat together for a training session. This covered mulching, composting, weeding, watering, caring for each vegetable and managing pests. Companion planting and organic growing was also discussed.