Let your staff rediscover their inner child as they compete against one another in an effort to grow the biggest, healthiest, upside down tomato plant!

The Cangro project is an extremely fun and practical way to engage with your staff. In action, it provides a high impact communication toolkit to reinforce your corporate culture through an incredibly unique and adaptable platform. Bringing people together and creating a collaborative environment where progressive development, within your own business, is possible.
Being able to grow food contributes to more than just a person’s physical well-being but also to their confidence and dignity, promoting improved self-esteem and work achievement.


The process takes 3 months from launch to completion.  It is a competition driven activation where employees can participate either as individuals and/or in teams.
The project begins with an introductory discussion on the general “do’s and don’ts” of plant care. Each participant then gets to plant their very own upside down tomato plant which they will then be responsible for and nurture over the following 8 weeks. During this period, participants will be given project related activities. These activities are adaptable and can be tailored made to showcase hidden skills and talent, engender communication (especially between departments), rally corporate pride and increase employee participation, all the while, bringing a sense of fun and enjoyment back into the work environment.
An online platform will be made available, through which staff and management can connect, engage, ask questions, send us pics and communicate with one another.
The project culminates in the selection of the finalists and ultimately the overall winners…
Finalist's plants are displayed on our social media platforms, giving the public an opportunity to vote for their favourite.

·      Extremely well priced initiative achieving high impact at a minimal cost
·      Brings people together through a fun team building process
·      Increases brand awareness within your value chain, especially your staff
·      Communicate the corporate values of the business
·      Inspire collaboration, cooperation and communication throughout the value chain
·      Connects staff members to themselves and their colleagues

·      Uniqueness/remarkability -it’s upside down!
·      Good Cause / “Feel good” factor                    
·      Involving people and plants in a green initiative
·      Game mechanics / competitive structure -amongst parents, teachers and schools
·      Inclusive/making people insiders – building staff advocacy with your company brand through the desire to share their experience - people wanting to brag that they are part of the project and its uniqueness
·      It is FUN