Grow your corporate roots within your community

Investing in the Cangro schools project is a wonderful opportunity for your business to play an active role in sustainable social development.

By empowering our children with the skills and expertise to grow their own food… we grow their self-belief and confidence, and through the aligning of our project with the curriculum, teacher excellence can be nurtured and blossom.

The Cangro project is a low cost, high impact, green initiative that works! Root your company directly into the heart of your community in the most fun and delightful way and bring a sense of hope and possibility to all those involved!

Our Supporters

Over the past few weeks we have seen first-hand the incredible power of the Cangro project, not only in terms of its impact on local school children but on the local community. N1 City Mall has also gained incredible exposure via its association and involvement with the project.” – Natalie Dippenaar, Marketing Manager N1 City Mall

Enhancing education    

  • endorsed, approved and tested by the Department of Education and the City of Johannesburg.

Ensuring food security

  • endorsed by the department of Agriculture.

Encouraging entrepreneurial development

  • endorsed by the Centre for Entrepreneurship of Wits University (CfE).

Actively caring for our environment

  • endorsed by Department of Health and Safety and City Parks, Johannesburg.