Sponsor a school today and entrench your business directly into the heart of your community!
-Our 3 month, "competition driven", activation empowers learners with the skills, knowledge and responsibility to nurture and care for their very own upside down tomato plant.
-This eye-catching innovation has proved very popular with the students, who delight in this unconventional, upside down approach to gardening and its subsequent results.


The process begins with a magical theatrical performance about a little girl, a seedling and a big dream! The learners are introduced to concepts such as recycling, sustainability and entrepreneurial thinking. They are encouraged to look at their world differently, an upside down world… where anyone can succeed and make a difference!
These simple concepts are reinforced through a fun, practical, upside down planting session.  With the help and guidance of the Cangro team and the teachers, each child gets to plant their very own, upside down tomato!
The plants are then taken home and cared for by the learners for a period of 8 weeks. The parents and families are encouraged to get involved and participate as much as possible.
Support is given to the parents and educators by means of weekly teaching aids and activities. We provide an online platform through which teachers and parents are encouraged to communicate, send pictures and ask questions.
The project culminates in the choosing of the “Cangro Gardener of the Year”… The finalists and their plants are displayed on our Facebook page providing the public an opportunity to vote for their favourite plant. The winner is decided, not only on the overall size and health of their tomato plant, but on project participation as well.


-Every can is branded with your company logo
-There is direct brand exposure at the school during the planting activation and prize giving ceremony;
-Enormous marketing potential via online, print media, radio and television.
-The upside down novelty has extremely high social currency
-Brings corporations and communities closer together as well as bringing awareness to social and environmental issues
-Potential to attract and retain new business and new clients.

Together we can create a shared vision for our future, one that promotes growth, prosperity, and a better life for all!

Our social investment and delivery strategy speaks directly to the National Development Plan and supports government priorities in:
-Enhancing education - Endorsed, approved and tested by the Department of Education and the City of Johannesburg
-Ensuring food security - Endorsed by the department of Agriculture
-Encouraging entrepreneurial development - Endorsed by the Centre for Entrepreneurship of Wits University (CfE)
-Actively caring for our environment - Endorsed by Department of Health and Safety and City Parks, Johannesburg


43 Schools
8000+ children
8000+ families
9 communities
6 provinces
2 countries
2 continents (Africa and UK)