About Us

Cangro is an award winning, proudly South African, educational innovation that brings fun and excitement back into the classroom!

A competition-based activation, the objective being, to grow the biggest, healthiest tomato plant UPSIDE DOWN!

Through the growing of their own upside down tomato plant, learners can now experience a plant’s lifecycle first-hand in the most engaging way, planting the seed to a more sustainable way of life.

Our Can Is Jam Packed

Responsibility Empathy Creativity Perserverance

    Our can is jam packed full of magic ingredients bursting to get out!!!

    All Ages

    Let your staff rediscover their inner child as they compete against one another in an effort to grow the biggest, healthiest, UPSIDE DOWN tomato plant!

    No School Too Big or Too Small

    The Cangro process transcends cultural, economic and language barriers, captivating all from start to finish.





    Plant The Seed

    Corporate Sponsorship

    Sponsor a school/community/class today, and grow your company roots directly into the heart of the community!

    Corporate Teambuilder

    An ideal platform to communicate your corporate culture and ideas. And a perfect opportunity to unlock hidden passion and talent in your work force.

    School Competition

    Register for the upcoming Cangro “Win a Playstation 5” Competition, Registration opens 19th November 

    Cangro Home Planter

    The Inside, Outside, Upside Down planter. Our Cangros come in a variety of colours and would make a great educational gift for any enthusiastic gardener, young or old.

    Join The Upside Down Revolution

    Turn your Community, your Workforce, your Childrens’ World Upside Down with this Fun Filled Educational Tool!